KB Radio Song Of The Year

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to October, I hope everyone has accomplished some of those goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, and if not, I hope you haven’t given up on them. For me personally, I believe that slow and steady wins the race.

I sometimes feel like I have fallen behind on things that I want to do and accomplish and then I realize that if I had really wanted to do them, I would have found the time, motivation and inspiration to do them.

Sometimes we set goal for ourselves based on what other people have done or are doing. I look at my web page where I have my short stories, poetry and personal blog and that’s all I do. I look at it. I open it up thinking, man… I haven’t done anything here in a while, I really should add something… and then I close the page.

I have a memo book filled with things that went through my head and I thought… that would make a great story, or a blog, or I get a repetitive phrase that just won’t go away and I think… time for a poem. But there always seems to be something more important to do, and those ideas will be there next time. At least that is what I tell myself.

Now, four paragraphs in, what does this have to do with the KB Radio Song Of The Year? Well, basically, I sat down to write about the chart and how it would be coming up soon and we should really make an announcement, which led me to what would be the best way to explain the process for those unfamiliar with it, which led me to thinking that some artists had multiple songs on the chart which would be eligible and some only had one, which led me to how some people tornado through the year releasing entire albums or more and some artists release one or two songs, which led me to thinking about how I have paced myself through the year… and welcome to my mind. Anyway…

We will be releasing a formal announcement with the official rules shortly but I just wanted to give you a quick run down of the basics.

The qualifiers are pretty simple, with a few sub qualifiers but be sure.. this is HUGE! It is no easy task and we are doing it all for you!

Of the hundreds of songs that made the KB Radio Top 25 Chart, we will be picking approximately 100 of them for voting for Song Of The Year. We will have a Top 50 Countdown during our End Of The Year Show on December 18th. We will also be doing one for the Country Charts which we will do on December 20th.

Some artists have had multiple number one songs on the KB Chart, some have only had one.

Any song that made it to the number one spot will be included in that approximately 100 eligible songs. All other picks will be chosen by how they did on the chart and station.

Voting will be handled similar to the Top 25 voting with the fan voting not being the only thing taken into consideration when calculating the results. All of this will be explained soon in an official release.

The cut off point for songs that will be eligible for the Song Of The Year will be October 30th for KB and November 1st for KB Country. The weekly charts will continue but songs that make the charts after the cut off will roll into 2020.

We are drafting an official announcement will all the rules and information, I just wanted to get you geared up and excited about this awesome event!

Hope you all have a great week, and just keep doing your thing… people notice whether you think they do or not.


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