Do you remember in 2009 at the MTV Music Awards when Kanye West rushed the stage to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech?

That’s what it’s like when someone uses another artist’s achievement to promote their own agenda. It’s what we here at KB like to call “hijacking a tweet” or simply “tweet-jacking”

In our physical lives it’s like that one person we all know who will briefly show interest in your accomplishment and then quickly turn the conversation to themselves.

“Congrats on your Nobel Peace Prize! I wrote an op-ed about the dangers of wobbly buggy wheels! What’s your e-mail address? I’ll send you a copy!”

I know social media is a great tool that can be used to promote yourself and more power to you. But, there is still a reasonable standard of etiquette and common sense that should be followed.

If you want to promote yourself, don’t use another artist’s platform to do it. It’s really that simple. I see multiple tweets a day asking artists to send music so someone can add it to their playlist. In that case, it’s an open invitation, they want you to flood their post with all your links. They all pretty much sound the same… “Yo, drop me some new shit, I’m bored with all the stuff I asked for yesterday…” They are everywhere, go find them.

Some artists might say they really don’t mind. Well, you should. I mind when it’s on a post that I made to promote the station and the artists that we play there. Think about it. You are being mentioned in a post because you did the work. You made the effort to get your song out there, you took the time to bundle it up and send it off to multiple stations using their requested method of submission. You waited it out. You got played, you posted about it, you are proud, you are working it. You made a chart! The station that puts out the chart announces your accomplishment! You retweet it! You are proud and you should be! And then along comes Suzy sloth who simply adds a Spotify link to your great accomplishment about some song they probably think is better than yours. If you are o.k with that, then please bottle your tolerance and sell it. You’ll make a fortune.

If you do on one of our posts, you’ll most likely get a snarky comment and you definitely won’t get listened to. Do it twice and you are blocked. Now, obviously not the end of the world, there are other places you can sloth. But you won’t do it here, and that’s good enough for me.


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