Show Me The Music

Happy Sunday to all! Hope your weekend is treating you well and the havoc imps in your lives are keeping their shenanigans to a minimum.
I want to share some thoughts and info about the music submission process that will hopefully shed some light on how the process works and how it doesn’t.
Please keep in mind, this is OUR process. Other stations will have a different way of doing things and it can become confusing and frustrating if you are an artist trying to submit music to several stations at once.
We don’t necessarily have REQUIREMENTS as much as we have a system designed to make it easier for all involved.

There of course is already a blog written about the music submission process, it is the pinned tweet on all 4 stations, and in true Twitter fashion it is sometimes used as an anchor tweet by artists to submit their music, which if they read the blog they would know that is the quickest way to NOT get your music heard. Here is another way to NOT get your music heard.
Tweet-jack another artist’s tweet to promote your own music.
This applies only to tweets we have made. If you want to do it on some other radio station’s tweet then that is up to them to deal with. An example of this:
We live tweet a song as it plays and someone comes along and comments on that tweet with their own song or their BFF’s song or maybe it’s grandma or their son/daughter/spouse/SO. It doesn’t matter. Please don’t do it on ANY song we play, but especially don’t do it to an INDIE artist who has done the work and submitted properly. And I will just say, briefly, because this is a whole different subject I will touch on in a separate blog, it’s even worse when it is a PROMOTION COMPANY doing it.
If you want to learn a bit more about tweet-jacking you can read this brief rant>>

So does this mean we will never listen to your music? Not necessarily. If you do it repeatedly, yes. In reality, most of these we just gloss over. We just scroll on by and never even look, unless it is just blatantly ignorant, then you will get a response, but still not listened to, so take that same effort and actually submit your music. What is the difference, you may be asking.

Scenario I
You post a clip/link of your song and tag us in it. It isn’t on any other artist’s tweet, no harm no foul, just a simple tweet we are tagged in. Now what? You want us to listen, and then what? Would you like us to play your music or are you just sharing it with us? I will take this opportunity to say YouTube videos are no use to us in the submission process. If you have a video for a song we already play and you want to share your video with us then Thank You for thinking of us and wanting to share, we love to be a part of an artist’s journey and are truly happy for every accomplishment.
If you are an artist who we don’t play and that is your way of presenting us with your music then, sorry but that is not how we find the music we play.
If you want us to consider your music for play on any of the 4 stations then submit it via e-mail.

Scenario II
We follow/follow back and you have an auto response that DMs us your latest track or links to your song. Or it is actually you saying hello and here is my latest track. Once again thank you. We sometimes listen to these and if you are an established artist we listen, and then ask you to send the link to our e-mail which makes it easier because then we have them all in one spot and we can go through hundreds from one spot rather than one here… one there…
And sending it through DM does not get it on the air any faster, just like using a promotion company doesn’t get it on air any faster.

Scenario III

You submit your music to my operations manager email. Thank you. I will forward it on, but keep in mind, this is another step in the process that has delayed your music being heard. I don’t go to that email to check for music submissions, and I go through everything else first, and then I have to check to see if you submitted to the submission email also because then I don’t need to forward it on and clog up the inbox with repeats.

We realize that every internet radio station operates in its own way and each has their own methods. This is just the way WE operate.

There may be a station that will have your music on the air 10 minutes after you send it to them.
There may be a station that will play your entire album/EP etc back to back.
There may be a station that will play your music during a special time or date.
All of these thing are fantastic. All of these things are getting your music heard, which is the goal.
But, where is your song two or three months from now? Can you go back and ask that station how many times it played, when you submitted it and if you sent your other tracks at the same time and actually get an answer?
Maybe. I hope so.

If it seems like we have guidelines that keep your music from being heard RIGHT THIS INSTANT, then yes, you are correct. But keep in mind we have guidelines that will keep your music playing three months, six months, a year, two years… from now.
Your music, once submitted and accepted, is carefully labeled, tagged processed and put into rotation on one or more of our stations depending on the sound and genre. And your song plays. Not once or twice, but in a rotation, long term.

So, you have to ask yourself, is it important to have your song heard RIGHT DAMN NOW or is it important to have your song played and remembered. Is it important to have your song recognized, to have your unique sound recognized, to have your song played enough that people can sing along and they can associate that song with your name. Because that is how we do it here. And because that is how we do it here, we have a process.
The first step in that process is to submit your music, in a way that we can download and listen, to our music submission e-mail:
If you send it by any other method it will probably, eventually get listened to after you have to resend it, or wait for me to resend it. And if you take the time to submit your music, and then wait for us to open the email only to find out that you haven’t sent us something we can download, that you just sent us music to listen to and see if we like it and THEN you’ll submit a link, then fine, that is your right, but now your are starting from square one.
Please, if you are submitting music, make it downloadable. And if it is a link that has an expiration date then good luck, really. We try to get to all emails quickly but it happens that when we get to it the link has expired. That’s on us for being backed up, but please be aware that it does happen.

There are so many variables that I can’t possibly cover them all in one coherent blog that you will take the time to read, but I will eventually cover them all. In the meantime, just remember that phrase:
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. That first step is:


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