**Important Year-End Info**

Hello to our KB Family of Stations artists, fans and friends!
Just a quick word about the Year-End voting for the KB Radio End of the Year Top 50, and the KB Country Radio End of the Year Top 25 which is happening now until mid December.

First: Voting is open!
If you’ve been around, hopefully you have seen and read the numerous tweets and blogs addressing the subject.
If not, it isn’t too late to get the word out if you are an artist who has a song on the voting ballots, and for the fans, you have plenty of time to get started. There are still several more weeks until the polls close, so be sure to get your daily votes in for your favorite song(s).

Second: There are artists with multiple songs on the ballot!
While there are 100/50 songs respectively on the ballots, this is a Top 50 and a Top 25 Countdown and only ONE song will make the #1 spot on each chart. That’s a no-brainer, I know, but it’s also something to keep in mind when casting your votes.
If you are a fan of a certain artist/band you will see some who have more than one song to vote for.
The reason I mention this is because it is a bit different than the weekly Top 25 and weekly Top 15 where each artist/band only has one song to choose from. So if you are a fan of that particular artist/band it’s pretty easy to choose. In this case you are voting for a SONG of the Year and may have multiple songs from that artist/band to choose from.
Your votes are yours to do with as you wish, the only rules we have for that are posted on the websites and include simple things like no VPNs. But it is something to keep in mind.

Third: Get the word out!!
We here at KB have never been fans of mass tweets. While they are sometimes a great way to address several people at once about important information, and we have used them in connection with the weekly charts and notifying artists that their songs are up for voting, we have decided against tagging 100 artists for KB and 50 for KB Country.
This is a good opportunity to really engage your audience and get involved with the voting.
Check the websites for your songs and spread the word that your song could be the KB Radio Song of the Year or the KB Country Song of the Year.

This will be my pinned tweet starting today until voting closes so hopefully everyone will have a chance to rally their troops and get your fans involved in the voting!
It is now up to you with what happens next!
Good luck to everyone, and if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.
We will still be having the Weekly Top 25 for KB Radio and the Weekly Top 15 for the KB Country station. The charts are right next to each other on the same page on the station’s websites to make it easy to vote on both ballots.

The link for the KB Radio voting is here>> http://www.kbradio.ca/top25.html
The link for the KB Country voting is here>>

Once again, good luck to everyone!

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