**Important Year-End Info**

Hello to our KB Family of Stations artists, fans and friends!
Just a quick word about the Year-End voting for the KB Radio End of the Year Top 50, and the KB Country Radio End of the Year Top 25 which is happening now until mid December.

First: Voting is open!
If you’ve been around, hopefully you have seen and read the numerous tweets and blogs addressing the subject.
If not, it isn’t too late to get the word out if you are an artist who has a song on the voting ballots, and for the fans, you have plenty of time to get started. There are still several more weeks until the polls close, so be sure to get your daily votes in for your favorite song(s).

Second: There are artists with multiple songs on the ballot!
While there are 100/50 songs respectively on the ballots, this is a Top 50 and a Top 25 Countdown and only ONE song will make the #1 spot on each chart. That’s a no-brainer, I know, but it’s also something to keep in mind when casting your votes.
If you are a fan of a certain artist/band you will see some who have more than one song to vote for.
The reason I mention this is because it is a bit different than the weekly Top 25 and weekly Top 15 where each artist/band only has one song to choose from. So if you are a fan of that particular artist/band it’s pretty easy to choose. In this case you are voting for a SONG of the Year and may have multiple songs from that artist/band to choose from.
Your votes are yours to do with as you wish, the only rules we have for that are posted on the websites and include simple things like no VPNs. But it is something to keep in mind.

Third: Get the word out!!
We here at KB have never been fans of mass tweets. While they are sometimes a great way to address several people at once about important information, and we have used them in connection with the weekly charts and notifying artists that their songs are up for voting, we have decided against tagging 100 artists for KB and 50 for KB Country.
This is a good opportunity to really engage your audience and get involved with the voting.
Check the websites for your songs and spread the word that your song could be the KB Radio Song of the Year or the KB Country Song of the Year.

This will be my pinned tweet starting today until voting closes so hopefully everyone will have a chance to rally their troops and get your fans involved in the voting!
It is now up to you with what happens next!
Good luck to everyone, and if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.
We will still be having the Weekly Top 25 for KB Radio and the Weekly Top 15 for the KB Country station. The charts are right next to each other on the same page on the station’s websites to make it easy to vote on both ballots.

The link for the KB Radio voting is here>> http://www.kbradio.ca/top25.html
The link for the KB Country voting is here>>

Once again, good luck to everyone!

Show Me The Music

Happy Sunday to all! Hope your weekend is treating you well and the havoc imps in your lives are keeping their shenanigans to a minimum.
I want to share some thoughts and info about the music submission process that will hopefully shed some light on how the process works and how it doesn’t.
Please keep in mind, this is OUR process. Other stations will have a different way of doing things and it can become confusing and frustrating if you are an artist trying to submit music to several stations at once.
We don’t necessarily have REQUIREMENTS as much as we have a system designed to make it easier for all involved.

There of course is already a blog written about the music submission process, it is the pinned tweet on all 4 stations, and in true Twitter fashion it is sometimes used as an anchor tweet by artists to submit their music, which if they read the blog they would know that is the quickest way to NOT get your music heard. Here is another way to NOT get your music heard.
Tweet-jack another artist’s tweet to promote your own music.
This applies only to tweets we have made. If you want to do it on some other radio station’s tweet then that is up to them to deal with. An example of this:
We live tweet a song as it plays and someone comes along and comments on that tweet with their own song or their BFF’s song or maybe it’s grandma or their son/daughter/spouse/SO. It doesn’t matter. Please don’t do it on ANY song we play, but especially don’t do it to an INDIE artist who has done the work and submitted properly. And I will just say, briefly, because this is a whole different subject I will touch on in a separate blog, it’s even worse when it is a PROMOTION COMPANY doing it.
If you want to learn a bit more about tweet-jacking you can read this brief rant>> https://sunnyskbradioblog.home.blog/2019/10/04/tweet-jacking/

So does this mean we will never listen to your music? Not necessarily. If you do it repeatedly, yes. In reality, most of these we just gloss over. We just scroll on by and never even look, unless it is just blatantly ignorant, then you will get a response, but still not listened to, so take that same effort and actually submit your music. What is the difference, you may be asking.

Scenario I
You post a clip/link of your song and tag us in it. It isn’t on any other artist’s tweet, no harm no foul, just a simple tweet we are tagged in. Now what? You want us to listen, and then what? Would you like us to play your music or are you just sharing it with us? I will take this opportunity to say YouTube videos are no use to us in the submission process. If you have a video for a song we already play and you want to share your video with us then Thank You for thinking of us and wanting to share, we love to be a part of an artist’s journey and are truly happy for every accomplishment.
If you are an artist who we don’t play and that is your way of presenting us with your music then, sorry but that is not how we find the music we play.
If you want us to consider your music for play on any of the 4 stations then submit it via e-mail.

Scenario II
We follow/follow back and you have an auto response that DMs us your latest track or links to your song. Or it is actually you saying hello and here is my latest track. Once again thank you. We sometimes listen to these and if you are an established artist we listen, and then ask you to send the link to our e-mail which makes it easier because then we have them all in one spot and we can go through hundreds from one spot rather than one here… one there…
And sending it through DM does not get it on the air any faster, just like using a promotion company doesn’t get it on air any faster.

Scenario III

You submit your music to my operations manager email. Thank you. I will forward it on, but keep in mind, this is another step in the process that has delayed your music being heard. I don’t go to that email to check for music submissions, and I go through everything else first, and then I have to check to see if you submitted to the submission email also because then I don’t need to forward it on and clog up the inbox with repeats.

We realize that every internet radio station operates in its own way and each has their own methods. This is just the way WE operate.

There may be a station that will have your music on the air 10 minutes after you send it to them.
There may be a station that will play your entire album/EP etc back to back.
There may be a station that will play your music during a special time or date.
All of these thing are fantastic. All of these things are getting your music heard, which is the goal.
But, where is your song two or three months from now? Can you go back and ask that station how many times it played, when you submitted it and if you sent your other tracks at the same time and actually get an answer?
Maybe. I hope so.

If it seems like we have guidelines that keep your music from being heard RIGHT THIS INSTANT, then yes, you are correct. But keep in mind we have guidelines that will keep your music playing three months, six months, a year, two years… from now.
Your music, once submitted and accepted, is carefully labeled, tagged processed and put into rotation on one or more of our stations depending on the sound and genre. And your song plays. Not once or twice, but in a rotation, long term.

So, you have to ask yourself, is it important to have your song heard RIGHT DAMN NOW or is it important to have your song played and remembered. Is it important to have your song recognized, to have your unique sound recognized, to have your song played enough that people can sing along and they can associate that song with your name. Because that is how we do it here. And because that is how we do it here, we have a process.
The first step in that process is to submit your music, in a way that we can download and listen, to our music submission e-mail:
If you send it by any other method it will probably, eventually get listened to after you have to resend it, or wait for me to resend it. And if you take the time to submit your music, and then wait for us to open the email only to find out that you haven’t sent us something we can download, that you just sent us music to listen to and see if we like it and THEN you’ll submit a link, then fine, that is your right, but now your are starting from square one.
Please, if you are submitting music, make it downloadable. And if it is a link that has an expiration date then good luck, really. We try to get to all emails quickly but it happens that when we get to it the link has expired. That’s on us for being backed up, but please be aware that it does happen.

There are so many variables that I can’t possibly cover them all in one coherent blog that you will take the time to read, but I will eventually cover them all. In the meantime, just remember that phrase:
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. That first step is:



Do you remember in 2009 at the MTV Music Awards when Kanye West rushed the stage to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech?

That’s what it’s like when someone uses another artist’s achievement to promote their own agenda. It’s what we here at KB like to call “hijacking a tweet” or simply “tweet-jacking”

In our physical lives it’s like that one person we all know who will briefly show interest in your accomplishment and then quickly turn the conversation to themselves.

“Congrats on your Nobel Peace Prize! I wrote an op-ed about the dangers of wobbly buggy wheels! What’s your e-mail address? I’ll send you a copy!”

I know social media is a great tool that can be used to promote yourself and more power to you. But, there is still a reasonable standard of etiquette and common sense that should be followed.

If you want to promote yourself, don’t use another artist’s platform to do it. It’s really that simple. I see multiple tweets a day asking artists to send music so someone can add it to their playlist. In that case, it’s an open invitation, they want you to flood their post with all your links. They all pretty much sound the same… “Yo, drop me some new shit, I’m bored with all the stuff I asked for yesterday…” They are everywhere, go find them.

Some artists might say they really don’t mind. Well, you should. I mind when it’s on a post that I made to promote the station and the artists that we play there. Think about it. You are being mentioned in a post because you did the work. You made the effort to get your song out there, you took the time to bundle it up and send it off to multiple stations using their requested method of submission. You waited it out. You got played, you posted about it, you are proud, you are working it. You made a chart! The station that puts out the chart announces your accomplishment! You retweet it! You are proud and you should be! And then along comes Suzy sloth who simply adds a Spotify link to your great accomplishment about some song they probably think is better than yours. If you are o.k with that, then please bottle your tolerance and sell it. You’ll make a fortune.

If you do on one of our posts, you’ll most likely get a snarky comment and you definitely won’t get listened to. Do it twice and you are blocked. Now, obviously not the end of the world, there are other places you can sloth. But you won’t do it here, and that’s good enough for me.


KB Radio Song Of The Year

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to October, I hope everyone has accomplished some of those goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, and if not, I hope you haven’t given up on them. For me personally, I believe that slow and steady wins the race.

I sometimes feel like I have fallen behind on things that I want to do and accomplish and then I realize that if I had really wanted to do them, I would have found the time, motivation and inspiration to do them.

Sometimes we set goal for ourselves based on what other people have done or are doing. I look at my web page where I have my short stories, poetry and personal blog and that’s all I do. I look at it. I open it up thinking, man… I haven’t done anything here in a while, I really should add something… and then I close the page.

I have a memo book filled with things that went through my head and I thought… that would make a great story, or a blog, or I get a repetitive phrase that just won’t go away and I think… time for a poem. But there always seems to be something more important to do, and those ideas will be there next time. At least that is what I tell myself.

Now, four paragraphs in, what does this have to do with the KB Radio Song Of The Year? Well, basically, I sat down to write about the chart and how it would be coming up soon and we should really make an announcement, which led me to what would be the best way to explain the process for those unfamiliar with it, which led me to thinking that some artists had multiple songs on the chart which would be eligible and some only had one, which led me to how some people tornado through the year releasing entire albums or more and some artists release one or two songs, which led me to thinking about how I have paced myself through the year… and welcome to my mind. Anyway…

We will be releasing a formal announcement with the official rules shortly but I just wanted to give you a quick run down of the basics.

The qualifiers are pretty simple, with a few sub qualifiers but be sure.. this is HUGE! It is no easy task and we are doing it all for you!

Of the hundreds of songs that made the KB Radio Top 25 Chart, we will be picking approximately 100 of them for voting for Song Of The Year. We will have a Top 50 Countdown during our End Of The Year Show on December 18th. We will also be doing one for the Country Charts which we will do on December 20th.

Some artists have had multiple number one songs on the KB Chart, some have only had one.

Any song that made it to the number one spot will be included in that approximately 100 eligible songs. All other picks will be chosen by how they did on the chart and station.

Voting will be handled similar to the Top 25 voting with the fan voting not being the only thing taken into consideration when calculating the results. All of this will be explained soon in an official release.

The cut off point for songs that will be eligible for the Song Of The Year will be October 30th for KB and November 1st for KB Country. The weekly charts will continue but songs that make the charts after the cut off will roll into 2020.

We are drafting an official announcement will all the rules and information, I just wanted to get you geared up and excited about this awesome event!

Hope you all have a great week, and just keep doing your thing… people notice whether you think they do or not.


Creep Factor

Happy Monday everyone! Yes, I love Monday. Can’t stop me. I hope you all are doing well and starting out the week doing something you love.

I just wanted to share something with you and I really want your opinion on this. It is something that happens often in many forms and it has been bugging me and then yesterday I guess the creep factor just put me over the edge.

We go through a lot of music submissions and we see many different genres and personalities and it is truly amazing and I absolutely love it. People watching at its best!

But mixed in with all that I sometimes see a side of things that just makes me cringe, and this is what I want to talk about.

I guess, the question I will have is “Is it just me?”

We received an e-mail music submission and included was a bio and press kit. Pretty standard in format. Included in the kit was a photo of the singer. Now, usually a few things are happening at once, open the email, get the link, play and then scroll through the bio for info.

So as we are listening to this song, which sounds like a young person, we come across the pic, which is a very young girl holding a stuffed animal.

My immediate thought was, there is no way that voice is from that girl, and my second thought was, why is a girl who is young enough to be holding a stuffed animal in her bio pic singing about adult topics, which thank goodness she is way too young to have experienced yet?

Immediate reaction is NO. We aren’t going to promote child singers crooning about being in love and being hurt and other emotions that haven’t even registered in their neurons yet. Just NO.

If others want to give the kid a shot, go for it. To each his own, but I just don’t want to have any part of it.

We looked this particular child up, and she is not as young as depicted in the photo, which raises the question of why send that one? Her other photos go to the other side of the spectrum which depict her as a teen made up to look like an adult.

It creeps me out.

Which brings me back to the question of, “Is it just me?”

Please let me know your thoughts, I would love to discuss this.

Til next time,



Good morning to everyone on this beautiful Sunday. We are in the studio working on music submissions, so if you have sent us something recently, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you, we promise we are getting to all the e-mail as quickly as we can!

We have our coffee and we are on it!

We are constantly thinking of new ways to promote the station and Al is working on something very cool right now so stay tuned for that.
I’m on a new concept for the Featured Artist section of the AOR website. I recently put out a general notice that if you are being played on KB AOR to give me a shout at this e-mail ( kbaor@kbradio.ca ) about becoming one of our Featured artists. The link is here if you would like to see what it’s all about. https://kbradiocanada.wixsite.com/kbaor/featured

If you are a KB artist, thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you get your music heard, we couldn’t do it without you.

To all of our supporters who tune in every day/week, thank you! We also couldn’t do it without you and we hope we always have something interesting for you to enjoy on one of the 4 stations.

If you aren’t sure what we have going you can check out the calendar on the KB Radio web page for dates and times that link is here http://kbradio.ca/music.html and while you are there, you can check out our catalog of past interviews, some of the “back in the day” interviews are posted on SoundCloud also and that link is here.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments about the stations. That e-mail is Operations_Manager@kbradio.ca

Til next time,

You Went Over My Helmet?

This morning I made a Twitter post in reference to some recent confusion about our e-mail addresses and now I would like to expand on that. I have since deleted the post because taken out of context, it just sounded bitchy.

The main goal is always to help artists get their music heard. Regardless of everything else, that is the goal. In doing our part to accomplish that goal we try our best to make it an easy process to submit music.

Many of you have already read our blog on submitting and many times we get an e-mail that will state, “I’ve read your blog, thank you for making it so easy and letting us know what you are looking for in the submission…” or words to that effect. And we appreciate the effort and certainly, reading the blog is not required to submit music but we feel it is helpful to both us and the artists. It saves time in eliminating a lot of back and forth e-mails.

One thing we see quite often is someone will send a bio and or a press kit but no music attachment. They send a link to a video and then basically say, if my music sounds like something you would like to play let me know and I’ll send you a download.

That’s fine. No problem. I’m sure the artists has a method and a reason for not just sending the music and we respect that. The problem is, it has already been a week or two (in a slow month… as if) for us to get to your email, and now we start the cycle all over with your e-mail now at the bottom of the list.

But this isn’t about that. It’s about the folks who use the Twitter feed to just plainly ask, “How can I submit music?” Simple enough. Straightforward.

I will take this opportunity to state once again, reading the blog will answer a lot of questions and eliminate the need for back and forth e-mails, and even worse DMs, about whether or not we got your e-mail, whether we listened yet, whether we are going to play it, how often and when is the “show”, which in itself is a whole ‘nother blog.

But, back to “How can I submit music?” When we get these we usually just give the e-mail address and add a link to the blog so you can read it if you’d like, but either way you have the e-mail. Easy enough.

Recently we have had a run of frustrating conversations with some folks that have left us confused, upset, and generally wondering “what the hell is going on”?

Here is an example of how one of these conversations has gone. And keep in mind this is taking place on the Twitter feed.

>How do I submit music?

>> Music submissions can be sent to live@kbradio.ca

>That isn’t working can you send it again, or is there somewhere else?

After double checking that we sent the right address, because yes, it happens. Leave out one letter or transpose, and it isn’t going to work, so after making sure we didn’t type live@kbraido or something of the sort, we respond.

>>That’s the correct e-mail address, not sure why you are having a problem.

And now, this is where they either do one or multiple things. If they have been asking me, Sunny, on my personal twitter, they will then post on one of the stations twitter pages. Which, sorry… but that’s me also.

I respond once again with the e-mail address, because most people don’t know they are talking to the same person and I feel it would be rude for let’s say KBIndie Radio to just ignore them because this is now the third time they have asked the same question. so I once again post the e-mail address, and will maybe gently suggest to make sure thy are typing it in right, maybe out of habit they are ending it with .com or .uk or .net… you get used to a certain dot and you automatically use it.

Now, if once again, they haven’t figured it out and insist that it is wrong, it doesn’t matter which page you ask it on, you are getting ignored.

Sorry, not sorry. Our goal is to play music, and we do our best to make it easy, so I’m only not sorry because this is where they will cross the line of being someone we are trying to help to being ignorant.

This is where some special people will then try to go over my head and send a DM, which doesn’t make any sense, really. Who do they think is going to answer the DM? My head and his head are in the same studio, about 2 feet apart. So when we get a DM that says Hey, Al… trying to send music, what is the address? I look at the name and say… “I gave it to them 3 times already.” This happens with other things too, and I will just say that yes, I had already answered and then Al will answer and that makes them happy. And that’s fine. But really, I’m right here.

And I am sure you can imagine that he just loves having to repeat the same thing over and over.

At some point, I begin to feel insulted. And poor Al then has to hear me complain about the people who don’t trust my answers, or worse yet, think they are going to get a different one from him. We work as a team, things are discussed. When this was happening, we had many discussions about it, and decided to look into why the e-mail might not be working. One of them led to this discovery…

This is how the e-mail addresses come up on my phone.

This is how the e-mail addresses come up on my tablet.

On the tablet, they are blue and look like links. Okay… that could be one problem. Maybe a person has tried to click the link which isn’t an actual link and they are getting an error message.

In a perfect world they would just be copy/pasting or just typing that into an email, but in a world where everything is available at the touch of a finger, it’s no wonder that some don’t even take the time to try to then type it into an email, they just assume the e-mail address is wrong and will spend days, (yes days,) trying to get the right one, but won’t take 10 seconds to actually, physically type it in. But, once again, that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

But basically, it comes down to the fact that we really do try to make it easy. Our goal and your goal are basically the same. You would like to be heard and we would like to help you be heard.

For our part, in the future, if someone asks on the twitter feed, how do I submit music, I will respond with the e-mail address and stress that is an e-mail address and not a link and don’t try to click it. It seems, at least to me, that someone might find it a bit insulting that I would feel like I have to point that out to them but in the end, it is no less insulting than someone assuming that I have given them the wrong one… multiple times.

Thanks for reading and I welcome your thoughts. If you don’t already please follow the blog for all the latest and please follow us on Twitter
@KBRadio_Canada @KB_AOR_CAN @KbIndieradio @KB_CountryRadio

Til next time,


Too Twitty For Twitter

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know I will be starting a blog here for all things related to the KB Radio Family of Stations.
Most situations that inspire a blog are too wordy for Twitter and deserve their own platform.
And to be honest, this is where the real stuff is.
The sometimes not so Sunny side of me, Sunny.

Being the Operations Manager for KB Radio and the KB Family of Stations requires a lot of hard work and a lot of patience.

I love it.

But, I’m human. I get frustrated, mostly at not being treated like a human.

Are people so used to just shouting at boxes like Siri and Alexa that we have lost the ability to say please and thank you?

You can’t just “shout” (type) Play this… or Do this…
It doesn’t work that way. Not with me.

I hope you will join me on this journey and together we can go through this music process with a better understanding of each other. And a deeper respect for each other’s situations and thought processes.

Stay tuned here for updates, press releases and frustration releases.

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